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            JINLI Introduction
            Your Present Position:About Us > JINLI Introduction
            JINLI  History


            What We Believe In

            JINLI’s drive and innovation, supported by the reliable chain of development, manufacturing, sales, distribution,

            purchasing and customer service confirm our commitment to our global customers ---- Environmental Protection,

            People Oriented and Excellence.


            JINLI Story

            Since 1985, JINLI entered the field of electrical appliances and lighting industry. Today, JINLI has grown into

            a 300,000sqm modern and comprehensive workshop, stands as a key group in R&D for people’s need

            and manufacturing of fluorescent lamp fixtures, louver fittings, switches, sockets, ballast, ceiling lamp

            and down light, etc. in Mainland China. Our sales networks are credible build up in Asian market and reach

            100 countries and regions worldwide. Customers know they can rely on JINLI’s quality products, trusted

            brands and creative solutions. The 3,000 JINLI staffs drive excellence all they do!



            From the company's first days, quality has been the keystone to JINLI's success. JINLI group currently has

            two core brands; SOK and MK. Major products obtained the prestigious international quality certificates CE,CB,

            ISO9001 and CCC(China), and ROHS, ISO14001 environment management system for it’s manufacturing facilities.

            Our engineering and technical centers enable us to bring to our customers breakthroughs in advanced technology

            and innovation.



            We place great importance on training employees, and absorb talents, because we believe it stimulates cooperation

            and expertise transfers. JINLI allows each employee to contribute his or her experience and know-how to improve

            the group's working practices and manufacturing processes. It is our people - their dedication, their commitment and

            their ideas - that drive us forward. 


            Look Into The Future

            From the last 30 years, we’ve striven for full filling our customers’ need. Now, as we write the history of our next 30 years,

            we will continue to build on our position status as a manufacturing and marketing leader in products and service solutions

            to set ever-higher standards and continually exceed customer, employee and shareholder expectations.

                                                                                                                                                                              -- Lynn Liang                   

            JINLI  Workshop

            JINLI  Certification

            The enterprise has got the certificates of ISO 9001, ISO14000 and our products (switch&socket etc.)international safety approval CE,CB,SASO & ROHS.

            JINLI Engineering Case

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